Before Live Lottery Online Appears, Some Head States Loved to Gamble

In modern human civilization right now, you can do gambling online as easy as turning your palm of the hand but in the past, there are some head states loved to gamble.

In modern human civilization right now, people can do gambling using internet. Most people in the world love gambling in live lottery because it offers simplicity and easiness for those who want to make money. However, basically it is not just the citizen who loves gambling because in the past, gambling was for nobles and it was played mostly by nobles only. No wonder if there were many head states, kings, queens or even presidents who loved this activity.

Who Loved to Gamble in The Past Before The Presence of Gambling in Live Lottery Online

All people in the world do gambling in live lottery and most of them become the regular members of online lottery site. It is not regular ordinary people who love prediksi togel livesia but this activity is liked by many people regardless the profession. Athletes and celebrities whom you know to have much money even still do gambling in their spare times such as Charles Barkley, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck and more. Those famous people are known as the high rollers who gamble and make millions from this activity.

However, in the past, the people who loved gambling were nobles even this activity was played mostly by nobles because slaves or even low-class people didn’t have money to gamble. They even didn’t have enough money to live everyday and fulfill their needs. Among the nobles, kings, queens, head states even presidents were known as the high rollers. When they had spare time everyday or during their busy days as the leaders of a nation or country, they would gamble and some were known as the risk takers.

There was not internet back then but at least, the leader has led the civilization to love the same thing in this modern era and the first king who was known as the heavy gambler was:

  • Henry VII, King of England 1485-1509

Based on the history of England in some sites, it was not only King Henry VIII who loved to gamble because the previous king of England, King Henry VII also loved this activity. On January 8th, 1492, it was known and recorded that King Henry VII set aside every 5 pounds of his money to gamble in the evening, In the past, that amount was considered as the significant amount used for gambling. It is because that amount was so close to the average salary of men every year.

It was proved that gambling is not only limited for ordinary people. Even now, no one knows that maybe some head states do like gambling in live lottery because they don’t have to go directly to the real casino and risk their reputation on stake.

The Standard Cards History in Gambling Online

After becoming standard of the card games, French decks have been changed again until the modern deck used for gambling online. The cards you use now is the French decks with reversible face cards and also numbers. Those standard decks are used to create many card games in gambling online and you can play them all in casino site. The cards themselves have long history and some changes until the standard decks become the fixed choice to play. Back then, the cards were depicted the true royal family on the cards and massive production was done to fulfill the demand.